Our nonprofit sells cards. Can you add information about them to GreetForGood.org?

If your organization offers holiday greetings — traditional cards, holiday eCards, and/or holiday tribute cards — on your website, we may be able to help by providing links to your site.  (We do not design or produce greetings.)  There is no charge for listing on GreetForGood.org.

In order to be included, organizations must be 501(c)3 organizations, if in the U.S., or government-registered charities, if international.  If they have been evaluated by Charity Navigator, organizations must have received a rating of at least three stars (out of a possible four).

When considering greetings for inclusion we also consider the percentage of the card price that supports the non-profit’s mission, the ease of the on-line ordering procedure, the quality of the cards (cards should use at least 80# card stock, for example), and whether clear images of the cards are available.

The design quality of the cards and their subject matter are also very important.  For example, cards of strictly local interest, such as those depicting local landmarks, are not included.  In addition, charities with a very narrow focus may also be excluded.  Ideally the charity name and/or logo should not appear on the front of the card.

We seek visually appealing, professional quality greetings that will interest a broad national audience.  We reserve the right to decline to list greetings that do not meet our criteria.

We ask that you provide the percentage of the greeting price that directly benefits the non-profit organization.  If you print on 100% recycled stock, we include that information, and if you offer imprinting services, we provide details about the services you provide.