Our charity plans to produce holiday cards. What kinds of cards sell best on your site?


Here are some general suggestions and observations:

– Invest in professional design and high quality (at least 80#) card stock.  You may save money initially by skipping these steps, but the cards are less likely to sell well.

– Consider including a greeting.  Blank holiday cards usually don’t sell as well.

– Keep greetings brief, in a simple font.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year, and those types of greetings may have a wider appeal than Have a Purr-iffic Christmas! etc.  Some people like humorous, whimsical, or emotional greetings, but others don’t.  And remember that businesses may be using these cards, and they tend to prefer simple greetings.

– Some buyers seek out cards that mention Christmas; others, including many businesses, may prefer a more general seasonal greeting.  If you can offer both options you can attract both types of customers.

– Please try to include your organization’s name and a brief description on the back.  You might want to add a statement crediting the sender for supporting your organization.  (“The sender of this card has provided generous support to _____, which ____ .”)   Estimating the impact of the card purchase is also effective, if your organization’s work lends itself to this kind of statement.  (“The sale of these cards will enable us to provide hot after-school snacks to five children ….”)

– If the cards are handmade under interesting circumstances, please tell the story on the back.

– Children’s art is often very appealing, but not always; be selective.

– If you can arrange to offer personalization (including printing return addresses on envelopes), you will be able to attract business buyers, and the quantities that businesses order can be very significant.

– While including scenes of local landmarks may provide extra appeal to those in your area, remember that these designs may limit your audience.  The local interest may outweigh the need for a broader audience; this is just something to consider.

– Place the card information prominently on your website, so people can find it without too much effort.

– It seems obvious, but images with holiday or winter themes tend to be most effective.

– The earlier your card offerings are online, the better.  A surprising number of customers (especially businesses) order their cards in August, or at least start selecting a design.  Most charities have their cards up by the end of September; almost all the rest appear in October.

– Please try to offer online ordering, if possible.  Asking potential customers to download PDFs, print out forms and send them back to you, or order over the phone, will reduce the number of orders you receive.  Online ordering is easy to set up, and most organizations offer it.

– Card assortments may not be as successful as single designs.  If customers don’t care for one or more of the images in the pack, they may not buy the assortment.  If you sell single designs, people can select the design that they like best.

– If you don’t put the date on the card, you can sell it for several years, if needed.