Business Impact of Personal Cards

Sending e-cards is easy and inexpensive.  Do we still need need traditional paper greetings?

Our site includes e-cards and print greetings, and we recognize the advantages of both.  A recent article by York Baur on Forbes.com about marketing in the real estate industry – Still Allocating Precious Dollars to Print Advertising? Think Again — suggests that traditional greeting cards continue to play an important role in business.

“If digital advertising is all about direct response, then print is primarily about branding. Even as CEO of a company that provides digital marketing, I acknowledge that print is still very powerful in a specific context, and that is any person-to-person setting. That could be an agent sitting in front of customers with a beautifully printed listing presentation for luxury home. Or the business cards agents are constantly handing out and leading at homes. Or holiday cards or even handwritten thank you notes.

All of these things are still expensive and hard to measure, but at that point it’s not about direct response, nor should it be. At that point, it’s all about a branding and leaving that lasting impression.

We’re always interested in others’ opinions about the impact of traditional cards, especially those that include a handwritten message.  Please let us know what you think!