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    The region’s only academic medical center dedicated exclusively to children, committed to “improving the physical and emotional health of children through family-centered care, research, education, and advocacy.”  Based in Hartford, CT.


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    Working “to protect and improve the land, air and water of Connecticut and Long Island Sound, using legal and scientific expertise and bringing people together to achieve results that benefit our environment for current and future generations.”  Based in New Haven, CT.


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    Helping donors make safe and easy U.S. tax-deductible donations to thousands of meaningful projects run by vetted, locally-driven nonprofit organizations in 170 countries; its goal is to “transform aid and philanthropy to accelerate community-led change.”  Based in Washington, DC.

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    “Providing children with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions a camping experience of the highest quality, while extending year-round support to their families and health care providers.”  All services are provided free of charge.  Based in Ashford, CT.


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    “Working toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare solutions while contributing to a growing abolition movement.”  Based in New Haven, CT.

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    “Committed to fostering the understanding and appreciation of musical instruments from all cultures by acquiring, preserving, and exhibiting instruments from antiquity to the present, and by presenting performances and other events.”  Based in New Haven, CT.


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    Dedicated to providing veterinary care, comprehensive evaluations, and adoptive homes for Golden Retrievers who are abandoned, mistreated, neglected, or left in pounds throughout the six New England states.  Based in Hudson, MA.