International Health

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    A Christian organization working to end hunger at home and abroad; “by changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, we provide help and opportunity far beyond the communities where we live.”  Based in Washington, DC.

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    An “independent humanitarian movement working at home and abroad to empower excluded people to access healthcare”; through 400 programs in 80 countries run by more than 3,000 volunteers it “provides medical care, strengthens health systems, and addresses underlying barriers to healthcare.”  Based in London, England.

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    Helping donors make safe and easy U.S. tax-deductible donations to thousands of meaningful projects run by vetted, locally-driven nonprofit organizations in 170 countries; its goal is to “transform aid and philanthropy to accelerate community-led change.”  Based in Washington, DC.

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    Since 1946, providing guide dogs free of charge to blind and visually impaired people, or people with other special needs, who seek enhanced mobility and independence.  Based in Smithtown, NY.

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    “Responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helping people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future.”  Based in New York, NY.