Holiday Greetings in the Year of COVID

Last month the New York Times reported that far more people plan to send holiday greetings this year. 

Paperless Post, an online card and invitation company, found in a recent survey that 60 percent of users plan on sending holiday cards this year (compared with the 38 percent of respondents who sent them last year). The craft site Etsy has had a 23 percent increase in searches for holiday cards in the last three months, compared with last year. Of the 2,000 Americans surveyed in September by Minted.com, a home-d├ęcor and stationery company, nearly three-quarters agreed that holiday cards have more sentimental value this year than in previous years.”*

With the tremendous stresses on families and charities across the country that we’ve seen in 2020, it’s a perfect year to send a holiday greeting that benefits a food bank, hospital, animal shelter, or other non-profit. If you can manage to send a tribute card (representing a small donation to the charity in behalf of the recipient), that’s even better!