Plenty of Time to Send Holiday Tribute eCards

Sending holiday greetings is a great idea for businesses.  Ran out of time this year?   Holiday tribute eCards are quick and easy to send.  They help the charity of your choice, show community spirit, and are probably tax deductible, too.

Each holiday tribute eCard represents a charitable donation in your business associate’s honor.   The typical donation is $5 or $10 per eCard, but amounts range from less than a dollar to $25.

GreetForGood.org includes information about more than fifty holiday tribute eCard options.   Here are just a few:

American Cancer Society (animated; $55 for 100 eCards)

ACS Snowy Tree ecard 2103.150

Idaho Humane Society ($5 minimum per eCard)

Idaho Humane Society Holiday eCard Puppy

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ($10 minimum per eCard)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation holiday eCard - angel

Doctors Without Borders ($5 minimum per eCard)

Doctors Without Borders Happy Holidays map eCard.151

Austin Children’s Shelter ($20 minimum per eCard)

Austin Children's Shelter Wreath.151

Cleveland Foodbank ($5 minimum per ecard)

Cleveland Foodbank 2013 Holiday Tribute eCard

Just browse our site to find a charity that you’d like to support.  These holiday tribute eCard donations add up, and can make a huge difference to the nonprofits that offer them.